Miami Coloring Book


The "Adventures in Miami" Activity & Coloring Book is a 32-page paperback that is filled with line drawings of Miami's iconic experiences & attractions. It is a great way for children & adults to learn about Miami's rich history!

The Miami Coloring Book's main purpose is to educate children about Miami while contributing to the development of essential skills that adolescents receive through coloring. In addition, we hope our efforts extend beyond Miami’s youth by also enriching other aspects of society through our partnerships with hospitals, schools, and the tourism industry.  

The Miami Coloring Book is currently working with hospitals, clinics, hospices, nursing homes, and other health service institutions. It is widely known that patients and the elderly who color are more likely to recover quickly and age slower by coloring. Our partnerships with these institutions are growing and the awareness of our efforts is spreading. 

The Miami Coloring Book is working with the tourism industry by using the coloring book as a tool to promote, market and share Miami’s history with tourists and visitors from around the world.

Our goal in developing the Miami Coloring Book was to collaborate with the local attractions and businesses that make Miami magical. We appreciate the commitment many attractions and businesses exhibited and are grateful for their sponsorships.

We will stay committed to the Miami Coloring Book children, health services and the tourism industry in the future. We are excited to continue the distribution of the Miami Coloring Book and look forward to hearing about its impact to the people around the world.


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Miami Coloring Book

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