Swim with the Dolphins at Miami Seaquarium

Swim with the Dolphins at Miami Seaquarium

With park admission included, feel free to explore a 38-acre tropical paradise where you can see and learn about animals like pink flamingos, bamboo sharks, turtles, dolphins, penguins, manatees, and much more.

When it's time for your activity, make your way to the pool where you will gear up in a life jacket and meet the trainer, who will guide you through your interaction with the dolphin. They will give you an inspiring and educational session as well as teach you some hand signals and training techniques.

Take part in a fun experience perfect for all ages as you come up close with playful dolphins to meet these fantastic animals. During your approximate 30-minute interaction, you’ll be able to share exciting interactive behaviors with your new dolphin friend, such as kisses, handshakes, rubs, or the newly learned hand signals.

To end a memorable day, your experience is highlighted by an unforgettable deep-water ride with the dolphin to show you the true power of these amazing marine mammals.

Important Information

  • Enjoy a deep-water swim with a playful dolphin
  • Interact with them through handshakes, kisses, rubs, or hand signals
  • Complimentary same-day access to Miami Seaquarium
  • Learn interesting facts about dolphins and other marine animals
  • Swim with a friendly Dolphin
  • Miami Seaquarium admission
  • Life jacket


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Swim with the Dolphins at Miami Seaquarium

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