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Sightseeing Cruises Miami - A Guide to the Best Tours

Visitors from all over the World, make plans to take a sightseeing cruise around Miami’s Biscayne Bay. And frankly, we don’t blame them. It’s truly one of the most popular attractions in Miami by far.

However, you maybe wondering what makes a boat tour in Miami exciting? It's that you get to see where celebrities live. You'll also get to hear entertaining stories from our experienced tour guides as the point out each celebrity home while telling funny stories about each celebrity. It''s a great experience. 

In addition to the celebrity homes, there are numerous other sights to see like nature. Many tours might get to see dolphins swimming in the bay or manatees eating close to where the boats dock. 

There is just so many things to see during your Miami sightseeing cruise

All Boat Tours Start at Bayside

All of the boat tours that offer a sightseeing cruise, a star island cruise, a skyline cruise all originate from Bayside Marketplace. Bayside is where you go to buy tickets and check-in at the ticket booth. It's a culture hub that offer so much including restaurants, shopping, coffee, bars, live music, entertainment and many different tours and attractions. 

The good thing about Bayside is its central location in Downtown Miami. This makes it convenient for those opting to arrive by public transportation and/or other hop-on hop-off adventures. 

What your seeing during your Sightseeing Cruise?

As all the boat tours depart from Bayside Marketplace they will each take the identical boat route around Biscayne Bay. They will pass by the Port of Miami with the cruiseship and cargo district, the Venetian Islands where the celebrities live, Miami Beach, Fisher Island and the entire Downtown Miami skyline. 

This route will provide for some of the best views of the massive Miami skyline. Great for photos!

Relax on a boat tour through Biscayne Bay in Miami.

Celebrity Homes

There are so many celebrity homes along the boat tour route that it's hard to name them all. However, some of the recent famous residents include Al Capone, P Diddy, Shaquille O'Neal, Gloria Estefan and many more. Be careful because many of the tours guides might just make some up. 

Boat Tour Companies


Board the boat from the heart of Downtown Miami or select the option with hotel pickup to enjoy a comfortable ride to the ship. Relax in luxury on a bi-level boat with open windows and a shaded deck. From downtown, you will set sail towards Star Island, where many celebrities live in their stunning mansions.

Catch a glimpse of Al Capone’s house as you cruise along Biscayne Bay. Next, head to Hibiscus Island, Palm Island, Sunset Island, and Fisher Island. See the famous Venetian Islands and discover more celebrity mansions along the way.

Cruise along Miami Beach

All though the true heart of Miami Beach isn't visible during your boat tour, you will get to see South Beach from the boat. You'll know it's South Beach from the towering condos that soar above the bay. 

Lucky for you, the tour guide will still share amazing stories of Miami Beach when the Miami boat cruise calmly sails next to the hottest place in all of Miami. 

The Miami Skyline

The highlight beside the celebrity homes is the massive Miami Skyline. As you cruise back to Bayside along Port of Miami's Cargo district, you'll get to see all the soaring condos and hotels that tower over Biscayne Bay. This is a great photo waiting for you to snap. 

Finally, you will slowly re-enter Bayside Marketplace as your journey slowly comes to end. As the music pumps from the boat you'll slowly see the entertainment at Bayside to continue your fun-filled ay. So you can hop off one fun party and enter another. The fun just doesn't stop. 

Important Information

  • Take in the marvelous views of the Miami skyline from Biscayne Bay
  • See the gorgeous homes of some of the most famous stars
  • Pass by Star Island, Hibiscus Island, and Sunset Island
  • Cruise past Fischer Island, the Venetian Islands, and South Beach
  • Explore the waters of Greater Miami & Miami Beach with our variety of boat tours
  • See the spectacular water views of Miami Beach
  • Bay cruise
  • Professional bilingual guide
Cruise Length

Each cruise is 90-minutes long and will take you through the water around the bay.

Live Tour Guide

Each cruise includes a live tour guide that will provide a bilingual naration in both, English and Spanish. 

Departure Location

All sightseeing cruises depart from Bayside Marketplace at 401 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33132. 

Cruise Highlights

See the celebrity homes that line the shores of Miami and Miami Beach. 


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Sightseeing Cruises Miami

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